Gear you need for a perfect ATV hunting adventure


If you’ve recently bought a four-wheeler and you’re looking to really get out there and make the most of it, you should check out the list of tips I’ve put together for you to make sure that nothing ever goes wrong and that you remain safe all throughout your hunting trip.

Safety comes first

You probably know that your safety should come first, so make sure that you do not forget your tire patch kit at home when you are in the middle of nowhere. On top of that, you have to ensure that you have your cell phone with you, although there might be areas where the reception might not be your friend.

Bring plenty of water and wear appropriate clothing both to blend into the environment and to make sure you don’t end up freezing and become a target of bears and other predators. Other than that, use your common sense both when targeting the animals and when you’re trying to make your hunting endeavors as comfy as possible.

If you do not have a first-aid kit in your ATV, what in the world are you doing? You should always keep on in your regular too, or pretty much in any kind of vehicle. A survival kit can help you in a dire situation, so you might have to get one of those, too, if you set out in the wild when the weather is particularly foul.


ATV stuff you’ll need for hunting

I’ve been looking online for quite a while, and I found a nifty site where there were several types of ATV equipment specially for deer hunting — but I think that they work just as well when you’re hunting anything else. For example, did you know that there’s a thing called deer loader and that you can attach it to your vehicle to slide the animal on the platform and then effortlessly drive it home? I think this has to be humankind’s greatest invention.

If you use a rifle instead of a bow and you like big open fields, you can get a mobile hunter tower stand. It looks kind of weird and will give you the feeling that you’re sitting in a cage, but it does the trick if you want to make sure you have the right body position for the purpose.

Don’t forget your winch rope at home. Some of the models I’ve come across are so strong that they have 5500 pounds of resistance, so they will take your extraction to a whole new level.


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