Motorcycle models that are coming out in 2019


For the entire fall of 2018, motorcycle shows in Europe and Asia will give bikers a glimpse of what’s to come next year, and what models are expected to hit the road from well-known manufacturers, as well as some surprises. Let’s have a look at what should impress us once the new year rolls out, provided that enthusiastic bikers will jump at the opportunity to ride these beauties.

  1. The new Ducati Scrambler

Counting on the popularity of the first Ducati Scrambler that first saw the light of day in 2014, the manufacturer decided to offer its customers, old and new, the chance to upgrade to a meaner, cooler, and more outstanding version of the icon motorcycle.

The new version is the incarnation of the so-called ‘Joyvolution’, as the marketing materials call the upgrade process through which the Scrambler went to reach this new form. One of the revealed novelties added to the model, the Bosch Cornering ABS, will take care of more active braking, to ensure extra safety for the rider.


  1. The BMW R 1250 GS and RT

BMW has already announced that it intends to launch no fewer than nine models in 2019, but so far, the most information was provided on the BMW R 1250 GS and RT. It seems that these will come packed with a range of high tech features that will make consumers yearn for them.

One of the new features we will see on these models is the BMW ShiftCam Technology that manages to boost the engine power, while streamlining fuel consumption and reducing the harmful emissions.


  1. The Suzuki SV650X Café Racer

The Suzuki lineup receives a pretty cool twist with this new version of the company’s already successful SV650. The main change is related to how the handlebars will look like. It appears that they will be replaced with clip-ons so that the rider needs to lean forward while riding. As expected, this simple feature is enough to tell you that the new Suzuki will be a pretty aggressive looking model.



  1. The Norton Commando 961 Street

Not everyone wants a Ducati, a Suzuki, or a BMW; or at least, they don’t want a bike that could be anyone’s with the money to spend and a passion for motorcycles. The Norton Commando 961 Street comes in a limited edition in 2019, and when we say ‘limited’, we mean only 50 of those will be made. The result of 40 years of dreaming about the perfect Norton, the limited edition bike should be able to take your breath away.


  1. The Arc Vehicle Vector

If you’ve never heard of Arc Vehicle, that’s okay. They are a new bike making contender that plans to jump into the ring next year. And they won’t do it with some run of the mill model. Their Vector will be an electric vehicle, and its creators tout it as the cleanest motorcycle to have ever been driven on the planet.

And if you’re still not impressed, here’s another tip. The vehicle will use the so-called Human Interface Technology that involves special sensors that can interact with the environment.


Gear you need for a perfect ATV hunting adventure


If you’ve recently bought a four-wheeler and you’re looking to really get out there and make the most of it, you should check out the list of tips I’ve put together for you to make sure that nothing ever goes wrong and that you remain safe all throughout your hunting trip.

Safety comes first

You probably know that your safety should come first, so make sure that you do not forget your tire patch kit at home when you are in the middle of nowhere. On top of that, you have to ensure that you have your cell phone with you, although there might be areas where the reception might not be your friend.

Bring plenty of water and wear appropriate clothing both to blend into the environment and to make sure you don’t end up freezing and become a target of bears and other predators. Other than that, use your common sense both when targeting the animals and when you’re trying to make your hunting endeavors as comfy as possible.

If you do not have a first-aid kit in your ATV, what in the world are you doing? You should always keep on in your regular too, or pretty much in any kind of vehicle. A survival kit can help you in a dire situation, so you might have to get one of those, too, if you set out in the wild when the weather is particularly foul.


ATV stuff you’ll need for hunting

I’ve been looking online for quite a while, and I found a nifty site where there were several types of ATV equipment specially for deer hunting — but I think that they work just as well when you’re hunting anything else. For example, did you know that there’s a thing called deer loader and that you can attach it to your vehicle to slide the animal on the platform and then effortlessly drive it home? I think this has to be humankind’s greatest invention.

If you use a rifle instead of a bow and you like big open fields, you can get a mobile hunter tower stand. It looks kind of weird and will give you the feeling that you’re sitting in a cage, but it does the trick if you want to make sure you have the right body position for the purpose.

Don’t forget your winch rope at home. Some of the models I’ve come across are so strong that they have 5500 pounds of resistance, so they will take your extraction to a whole new level.


Bow hunting basics


Bow hunting is a hunting method that you shouldn’t try unprepared. It is vital to be safe since all hunting trips come with their risks. That’s why I tried to lay down the foundation of this exhilarating experience, so you can learn the basics and be prepared for a new adventure.

For you to stop scratching your head with confusion, I will get right to the point, and you will learn a lot about what bow hunting means, and how it will transform your life if you allow it to. This is the beginning of your journey, so buckle up and let’s start.

Just like with any sport or recreational activity, if you want to do it the right way, you will need the proper tools. And the primary device in bow hunting is the bow, as the name suggests. The Internet is filled with hundreds of types of bows for you to choose from, that’s why I will insist a little bit on this topic.

When you strip everything down, they all do the same thing – they allow you to shoot arrows at a target. You can find fast models, for moving targets, quiet models which work best with prey that scares quickly, and of course, you can buy items in a wide range of sizes.

When you buy a high-quality bow, don’t focus your energy on picking up a brand model, but make sure that what you buy is sturdy and made from light materials which won’t tire your hands too quickly, and that it is easy to use by beginners. Also, make sure the bow fits your body size.

Another basic of this activity is to start light and build from there. And what I mean by that is to go for a lightweight bow, which maybe is less efficient, but that will allow you to strengthen the necessary muscles an expert hunter has. It will also make you faster as time passes, so don’t expect quick lighting reactions from your first hunting session.

A mistake most rookies make, especially if there’s no one to point them in the right direction, is to go bow hunting in the wrong season. It is crucial that you learn when the best times to hunt are, not only because it will increase the chances you will make a capture, but because there are legal issues involved too.

Bow hunting is something that you learn as you go. It’s not very technical as it relies mostly on instinct and a quick mind. Just like I pointed out in this article, the element that makes the most significant difference is the bow you use. Do not take this lightly, because the wrong tool will prevent you from catching a prey. Good luck and be safe!


What you should know about the 2019 Ford Edge


With a history of over 100 years in the world of cars and engines, Ford Motor Company is the third largest car manufacturing company in the world, and some of its subsidiaries include Lincoln, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, and even 30% of the Mazda.

The company is known for delivering qualitative automobiles for the entire family at affordable prices but also works well in the premium and luxury segments with its most breathtaking models of Lincoln, Jaguar or Volvo.

When it comes to mid SUVs and daily cars, Ford is about to release its 2019 Edge model which already has been acclaimed by the specialists. Here is everything you need to know about the new Ford Edge.


General details

Ford Edge has been around ever since 2017 and scored quite decent in sales. The 2019 version comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission to make driving as easy as possible. It reaches up to 130 mph and it is mainly marketed as a utility vehicle.

Ford claims the product’s purpose is to meet the needs of modern families with children where comfort and safety come first. The mid-SUV is larger than a sedan but significantly smaller than other American SUVs, meaning you’ll easily find a parking space and will perform well in traffic. The 2.0 liters displacement and the 250 horsepower at rpm will complete this good-looking car.

We like that the new Ford Edge is a midsize car that can be easily handled by people of all ages, heights, and weights. In addition, Ford is marketing it as an affordable product, so you won’t have to spend all your savings for a new family car.



The exterior hasn’t been modified too much in comparison with the previous models, but it still brings a bunch of new useful features. The new 2019 Ford Edge comes with some redesigned rear LED tail lights, as well as four different color options to choose the one that best matches your personality.

The four new wheel options and the additional LED fog and accent lighting will make driving easy and safe in all weather conditions.



When it comes to the interior, Ford has paid a lot of attention to details and has made some important changes for the comfort and safety of its passengers. The 2019 model of Ford Edge now features an updated center console, as well as a wireless phone charger for your smartphone.

What we also like is the partnership with Amazon’s Alexa app that combines perfectly with Ford’s own app to provide 24/7 assistance to all drivers, no matter where they go. The FordPass feature allows you to easily access your car through your smartphone without requiring a key.


What ATV equipment do you need?


ATVs represent rather fast vehicles that can help you easily move from point A to B without getting stuck in traffic. ATVs are used for leisure purposes mainly as they are easy to ride and offer you extreme flexibility when it comes to choosing your routes and destinations.

They are mainly used in outdoor leisure activities such as hunting, road trips, and in order to easily get to off-road destinations such as beaches, forests or mountains.

But, no matter your destination, you must always be prepared, and this means wearing and having the right type of gear and accessories. Here is my list of the best ATV equipment you should have.


Light the night

One of the most required ATV accessory is definitely the ATV LED light bar as it has the ability to guide you through the night and provide maximum visibility no matter your destination.

It is extremely important to have a clear and open road ahead, and you can achieve that by simply installing a LED light bar on your ATV for maximum visibility during the night. This will help you stay out of trouble, stay on the main road, avoid accidents, and even guide your path easier if you ever get lost. Not to mention, in case of emergency, the powerful LED light will be easier to spot by the rescuing teams.


Keep your head safe

An ATV helmet is essential no matter the road and the time of the day you choose to test your fast vehicle. It comes without saying that you should never ride without using a protective helmet if you want to avoid accidents and injuries that might occur, especially on off-roads.

A good ATV helmet doesn’t only protect your head from accidents but will also shield your vision from direct sunlight, wind, and rain that might interfere with your driving skills. It will also keep your head covered and away from the previously mentioned harsh weather conditions. Roughly putting it, helmets save lives, so you should never even consider getting on your ATV without protective gear.


Keep your body safe

Similar to protective helmets, protective gear such as boots, gloves, long pants, and sleeves are specially made to keep your body safe while riding, especially if you decide to use your ATV off-road or for winter sports. Choose boots that cover your ankles to keep your feet dry and safe, and make sure to always wear long sleeves even when it’s warm outside.

Gloves are also extremely important, especially during winter if you want to keep your hands protected from sweat, cold, and rain.

Summer can be deceiving so if you opt for wearing t-shirts and shorts, at least make sure your hands, feet, and head are protected with the right ATV gears.